Working from hand painted concepts that pass through every stage of in house manufacturing processes to create exceptional pieces with materials from the world’s finest sources.

Bespoke concepts and CAD design

From beautiful hand painted conceptual designs to CAD Apple Mac production templates our designers create the initial inspiration for both clients and our craftsmen.

In house workshop and technology

Our award winning craftsmen combine traditional skills, mixing silver and goldsmithing, gem ology and enamelling with the latest of manufacturing technologies. Renowned for electronic innovation we now embrace PUK and laser welding, CNC milling and engraving enabling us to manufacture more consistently, accurately and efficiently.

Bespoke finishing and presentation

Careful, loving hand finishing with a great appreciation for the raw material and how best to enhance it and protect its longevity. Then comes our finishing touch – hand selected presentation boxes are fastidiously dressed with the final piece, with no detail left untouched and our experience will ensure its safe transportation and guaranteed delight upon delivery.